Galileo night system

Galileo night system

Complete range of wardrobes without restrictions of sizes. It is a night system that can satisfy any type of design need. There are two types of products: rack system and loadbearing system. The opportunity to use two different types makes it possible to create both traditional wardrobes with doors and complex walk-in closets.

In addition, the program is complemented by well-equipped island and peninsula elements.

The STRUCTURE, the hat, the shoulders, the shelves and the base are in honeycomb panels, containing solid wood frame and cellular irrigation structure and external layers in real wood veneer (ash).

The FEET are adjustable on the ground.

The lighting consists in a led strip embedded in the shoulder.

The DOORS both sliding and hinged are always in honeycomb with geometric inlay motifs or in glass with colored anodized aluminum profiles that match with the finish. The recessed HANDLES are in metal with satin bronze finish (ME03).

HINGES are with soft closing.

The program offers a wide choice of INTERNAL EQUIPMENT: removable shirt holder, trays and grid for objects, shoes holder, shoes rack, trousers rack, clothes grabber in anodized aluminum and pull-down lift with handle.

The standard hardware of the drawers provides a refined antishock closing with blumotion-system, with double stage rallenty.

Code: AR27


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