Mistral Sideboard in Canaletto Walnut

Mistral Sideboard in Canaletto Walnut

Sideboard with a soft curvilinear shape. Available in several versions: fully veneered in Pama (CR62, CR64, CR64K), in dark Sycomoro frisé (CR62B, CR64B, CR64KB) and Canaletto walnut (CR51, CR51K).

As an alternative, it is upholstered in leather with an embroidered decoration both with light Frisé Sycomoro top (CR60B) and with Canaletto Walnut top (CR60, CR56, CR56K).

Feet and handles are in metal available with satin bronze finish (ME03) and polished chrome finish (ME01).

Dimensions: cm 198x53x61 h
Code: CR51


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